Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Developing a Classroom Mission Statement

   Our school district is requiring every teacher to write a mission statement for his/her classroom. This is a great opportunity for teachers to involve students in the forward movement of the classroom! Setting a purpose is a must for any organization, this is one of the strategies outlined in Leaders of Learners to help keep focus on what we are really about.

This is a Prezi created by one of our more impactful teachers. She shared this with her classes and made this an interactive experience. You'll see some pictures with post-it notes where the teacher would record key thoughts being discussed at the time and below is a picture of the finished product.

Many teachers have completed this activity but I was particularly struck by this Prezi, not only because its an awesome 2.0 tool, but we see creative evidence of this teacher's command of what a mission statement is about. The last picture is a great way to tie it all together - getting kids to buy into what we're about!

This was a great learning opportunity for everyone and I'm glad I visited!


  1. Very interesting concept Derek. Outstanding presentation by a quality teacher in your school. I would love to hear at the end of the year how you and your teachers believe the mission statement impacted class outcomes.

  2. Our teachers are doing a fantastic job with this! I was just speaking with the instructional facilitator about taking some pics and creating pres - we'll share that out! This was a great district initiative!


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