Leadership Dimensions

North Carolina Principal Standards

Standard I: Strategic Leadership
  1. School Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals
  2. Leading Change
  3. School Improvement Plan
  4. Distributive Leadership
Standard II: Instructional Leadership
  1. Focus on Learning and Teaching, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  2. Focus on Instructional Time
Standard III: Cultural Leadership
  1. Focus on Collaborative Work Environment
  2. School Culture and Identity
  3. Acknowledges Failures; Celebrates Accomplishments and Rewards
  4. Efficacy and Empowerment
Standard IV: Human Resource Leadership
  1. Professional Development/Learning Communities
  2. Recruiting, Hiring, Placing and Mentoring of Staff
  3. Teacher and Staff Evaluation
Standard V: Managerial Leadership
  1. School Resources and Budget
  2. Conflict Management and Resolution
  3. Systematic Communication
  4. School Expectations for Students and Staff
Standard VI: External Development Leadership
  1. Parent and Community Involvement
  2. Federal, State and District Mandates
Standard VII: Micro-political Leadership
  1. School Executive Micro-Political Leadership

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